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About The Artist Tru

 My name is Tru, I've been writing music and poetry every since I was 12 years old. I've listened to everything from 2pac, Biggie, Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, and Rakim, etc. They are my inspiration I grew up listening to. I grew up in San Bernardino California (I.E) Born in Los Angeles California. I rap about situations that my fans can relate to. Hard times, struggles, that everyone who been through hardship can relate to the situation. By making music I'm letting my fans know that they not alone and I know how they feel so I rap through my music so the whole world who can't express themselves can. Tru Assassin Mafia ain't just a label we family. We ride together, we struggle together T.A. 4life!   

What Tru Assassin Mafia Stand For

We foundation, a family, organization that build on unity, loyalty.  





-Linda BW




-Claire M

































Tru Assassin Mafia RECENT WORK

Album- All Or Nothing Vol.1 

This was the first album I created and record myself. My first blood, sweat, and tears went to this album. This when I learned from my hard work and dedication, that anything is possible! 

Album- No Lacking Time Is money Vol.1

My second album That My Friend created for me. This my favorite  album I did because I really Took My time on this one. And the fan really enjoyed this one cause of the content was more relatable, more with feeling and style.

MEET THE TEAM Of Tru Assassin Mafia

Tru Butler

The C.E.O Of tru Assassin Mafia and artist, producer.

Nina Butler

The CO of tru assassin mafia and secretary assist 

Princess Niaya

The protege/artist Of Tru assassin mafia 

Music Videos

Tru -Freestyle/Gotta Get It

Tru -Freestyle/TA Is All got

Princess Niaya - Freestyle/Tyga Taste remix

Tru -Product Of Hellraiser

Tru -Postition Of Power

Tru -Path Of Destruction

Tru -Freestyle For Father's Day

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